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Modular Alterations

All our footwear can be modified in specific areas to achieve optimum fit.


Chaneco Modular Footwear Alterations

Many areas can be built up without altering the sole shape.  These are:

  • Increasing medial or lateral joint width up to 4mm either side
  • Adding a medial bunion pocket up to 12mm
  • Adding a lateral bunion pocket up to 6mm
  • Increasing length up to ½ size
  • Increasing heel width up to 3mm each side
  • Increasing toe box depth
  • Increading joint / forepart depth
  • Increasing instep circumference
  • Straighten back of last to reduce heel clip

Some areas can be built up which will mean hand cutting a custom insole and hand making a custom sole unit.  These are:

  • Increasing medial or lateral joint width over 4mm on either side
  • Increasing length over ½ size
  • Increasing heel width over 3mm each side
  • Increasing width at valgus
  • Straightening inner toe border - natural toe shape
  • Increasing last bottom shape to drafts


  • Boot leg and ankle circumference can be altered to your requirements
  • Boots can be manufactured with increased leg height, up to a maximum of 250mm


  • Stiffeners can be extended medially, laterally, and vertically as required, with padding and cut-outs if necessary
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