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Matrix Lite Sport

Matrix Lite Sport

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  • Matrix Lite Sport has strong, ultra lightweight frame (approx. 400g), constructed from heat adjustable carbon composite
  • Shorter length than the Pro Sport for greater mobility
  • "ICR", low profile hinge mimics the natural movement of the knee
  • Flexible cuffs, adjustable straps and Condylar pads provide stability and customised fit
  • Full ROM cotrol via a range of extension stops (included) and optional flexion stops (kit available separately)
  • Full coverage sliding patella system, removable as required e.g. for water sports etc
  • Built-in knee guards and comfort grip padding prevents migration
  • Includes mini-screwdriver for easy adjustments, plus trimmable "Y" straps, a thinner set of pads and shim kit option for complete customised fitting
  • Optional Knee Sleeve for added comfort; Neoprene Wrap with extra grip to further reduce slipping and Replacement Strap Kit also available


  • ACL, MCL, LCL knee ligament instabilities
  • Matrix Pro Sport suited to the more active patient or for greater stability requirements
  • Matrix Lite Sport offers protection during low to medium impact activities

Size Chart

   Size      Joint Width      
   Inches       cm   
Small 3.5 - 4 8.9 - 10
    Medium      4 - 4.5 10 - 11.4
Large 4.5 - 5    11.4 - 12.7   
X-Large 5 - 5.5 12.7 - 14

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