Phase II Multi Podus®

Phase II Multi Podus®


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Phase II Multi Podus®


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  • With adjustable positioning from 40° plantar-flexion to 10° dorsi-flexion in infinite increments, the Phase II provides controlled static stretch for the correction of plantar flexion contractures
  • Cost-effective alternative to serial casting, the Phase II can be removed for daily ROM therapy and skin hygiene, enhancing patient recovery time and eliminating the risk of pressure sores
  • Floating heel design eliminates pressure or friction on the heel, enhancing blood circulation vital to healing
  • Rotator bar on the side controls hip and leg rotation providing functional alignment and is covered with a Kodel™ liner for patient comfort
  • Reinforced canvas anklet can accommodate mild to moderate muscle tone with mild spasticity
  • Inversion/eversion kit supplied stimulates a T-strap on a short leg brace to correct this complication commonly associated with head injury patients
  • Replacement liners and Ambu-Assist for extended ambulation available separately


  • Drop Foot and severe contracture
  • CVA, Cerebal Palsy or brain injury patients
  • Achilles Rupture
  • Any condition where static progressive ankle positioning is recommended

Size Chart

Size      Measure Foot Length          Max Calf Circ.   
Inches cm Inches cm
Small 7 - 8 17.8 - 20.3 16 40.6
Medium 8 - 9½ 20.3 - 24.1 16 40.6
Large 9½ - 11 24.1 - 27.9 20 50.8
   X-Large    11 - 12¾ 27.9 - 32.4 20 50.8

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