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Boxia Ankle Brace

Our popular dynamic drop foot splint


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  • Dynamic foot drop splint with 2 separate parts - a support above the ankle and a non-slip section which fits between the tongue and shoelaces of footwear
  • Sections are linked by an adjustable elastic strap for tailored support
  • Discreet and comfortable with localised gel padding
  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Kit contains 1 Boxia Ankle Brace, 1 traction elastic, 2 shoe insert and S hooks
  • Shoeless Wrap available for use without footwear (separate Boxia Ankle Brace still required)
  • Replacement traction elastic, S hooks and shoe inserts available separately


  • Drop foot
  • Peroneal Neuropathies
  • Dysfunctional gait

Contraindicated for spastic paralysis and circulatory/sensory disorders

NOTE: Measure ankle circumference just above the ankle bone.  

Size Chart

Size  Ankle Circumference   
Inches cm
 X Small 5⅛ - 6¾ 13 - 17
Small  - 8¼ 17 - 21
   Medium     - 10 21 - 25
Large 10 - 11½ 25 - 29

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